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Meet Bishop Tracie Dickey and learn what it means to walk with God. Her core purpose is to ensure that everyone knows they are not alone. Bishop Dickey is your guide on the voyage to meet God and make a connection that will last a lifetime. Bishop Dickey's non-denominational church in Pittsburgh, PA, opens the door to anyone who seeks enlightenment, and her contemporary services welcome all comers.

Walk With Purpose

Bishop Dickey is committed to her purpose of bringing people together and closer to the Hand of God. Once you meet her, you will see that her heart can hold the world. There is nothing to fear as you step into the light of her non-denominational church and join her on the path with God. Her focus is to help you reach your potential and to understand God's plan. At Destiny Enterprises, you will forge a bond with God that may be tested, but cannot be broken.

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About Bishop Tracie Dickey

 Dr. Tracie Dickey For twenty years, Dr. Tracie Dickey, D. Min., D.D., has been called to an anointed, spirit-led ministry. She is a true apostolic and prophetic voice to the nations, whom God has uniquely and skillfully created to fulfill His purposes. Dr. Dickey is a gift to the Body of Christ and has been set apart for God's work.

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