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Feel The Embrace Of A Non-Denominational Congregation


Bishop Tracie Dickey welcomes you to her non-denominational congregation in Pittsburgh, PA. No matter your situation, there is always someone who cares. Bishop Dickey opens her heart and the doors of Destiny Enterprises to anyone who seeks to walk with God. Her trusted and caring voice will give you the confidence to step into the light of the Lord.

Uplifting Congregation Services

Bishop Dickey's inspiring congregation services will stir the soul and convince you that God stands close by her side. Unite with her non-denominational congregation and absorb the loving message of the Lord through the prophetic voice of Bishop Dickey. Come as you are, and all are welcome.

Join her for service on Sundays from 6 AM to 2 PM to find your path with God. Her congregation is welcoming, open, and uplifting. Bishop Dickey offers prayer three days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM. Please get in touch or stop in for details on when you can join in her holy communion.

When you feel the need to embrace an understanding of your relationship with God, join Bishop Dickey in her Bible Study groups. These sessions bring you closer to the Word of God and will give insight into how deeply He touches every aspect of your life and His divine plan for you.